Exclusive – Siasat.pk Video on Public Feedback about Military Operation or Peace Talks?

Out of everything that Pakistan is facing, terrorism has weakened the roots of this country. Along with every life lost and every family that mourned, we as a whole were forcefully driven back to the state of regress that we are continuously trying to escape.

Th public, politicians, establishment, and institutions are unanimous at this point that all this needs to be urgently addressed.
But when it comes to ‘how’ it should be addressed, there exist two distant schools of thoughts.
One that firmly believes in dialogue, and says that negotiations are the safest way to cater the situation. They believe it is the ideal way to safeguard democracy as well as preventing more bloodshed.

And some people believe that time for dialogue is over and now action is needed. The only way to eradicate terrorism is by cutting its root by use of force.

But we need to see a picture painted by media and political arguments, and need to reach where exactly does public opinion lie.
As a firm believer in the power of people, Siasat.Pk reached to the general public to ask you about it.
So what is the solution to terrorism, dialogues or operation? Watch what people think.

Watch our exclusive roadshow here:



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