‘Pakistan is taking its natural blessing for granted, needs to explore its maritime potential’, experts say

The initiative will also encourage young scientists and researchers to carry out research in the maritime sectors


Pakistan has not taken steps to fully examine its maritime boundaries and their potential despite being blessed with abundant natural reserves, experts say.

Maritime Winter School, 2020:

At the five-day Maritime Winter School, 2020 (MWS2020) organized by the Maritime Study Forum (MSF) at Bahria University experts emphasized the pressing issue.

Experts who are scheduled to debate during Maritime Winter School 2020 include MSF president Dr. Syed Mohammad Anwer, PNSC executive director Khurram Mirza and NCMPR founder Syed Obaidullah.

The program is being held this week in collaboration with the National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) and the National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR).

An ideal maritime location:

Pakistan is favored for its exemplary and strategic maritime location that comes with a1,050km coastline. Moreover, it is ranked 74th among the 142 most favorable countries in terms of strategic maritime location.

Experts claim that Pakistan has failed to develop a commanding maritime policy and strategy needed to explore its full potential. Experts said that Pakistan suffers from Maritime blindness, which is a term given to those who lack strategic maritime vision.

Five significant topics of discussion:

The discussion will focus on bringing forward issues faced by maritime sectors and providing real-time solutions. They also hope to make them a part of the academic courses. The five topics of discussion include Understanding Maritime and Coastal Communities, Maritime Economy and Policy, Marine Resources and Hydrography, Maritime Security and Diplomacy, and Maritime and Media.

The initiative will also encourage young scientists and researchers to carry out research in the maritime sector to eventually contribute towards Pakistan’s economy. Students from all over Pakistan will be attending MWS 2020 as it provides an excellent learning platform.

The final day of MWS 2020 will include a seminar where electronic and social media experts will discuss the importance of maritime affairs for Pakistan and the role of technology in this regard.

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