Experts talk about the ‘Pakistani version of WhatsApp’ – a new chat app or a scam?

The young kid brought the chat app to life, but he didn't develop it.

FF Meeting – a chat app or a scam?

According to reports, a young Pakistani boy has developed a local Chat App – FF Meeting. The young app developer claims:

My Made in Pakistan Chat App is better than Whatsapp, and it has more features than any other chat app in the world.

The chat app’s news started making the rounds on social media when Syed Zafar Abbas of The JDC Foundation Karachi took to Facebook to publicize the app via a video. However, recent reports state that that the FF Meeting app is a scam.

The Truth about the FF Meeting App

The young kid brought the chat app to life, but he didn’t develop it. He used a wrapper to bundle the freely available Telegram APIs to build a front end that uses “Telegram” as a service. 

Experts state that a slight look into the app reveals that it is a re-skinned version of Telegram, which openly gives its APIs for use to developers. It should be noted that all verification SMS and emails that users may get from “FF Meeting” or any other similar wrapper chat apps are also handled by Telegram.

Moreover, the app skin is also being used by another service, Appsgeyser, through which any chat app can be created without any coding in little to no time.

FF Meeting app is just like Telegram.

Features of the App

FF Meeting is just like Telegram, but with a different frontend. All the features of Telegram are replicated in third-party wrapper apps like “FF Meeting”. All Telegram users will have the same contacts, chats, and passwords when using the FF Meeting app.

However, the app has two features of its own: the Intro Screen and the Google Ads.

Experts warn against downloading the FF Meeting app.

The App is a Privacy Nightmare

The app will have access to the following data points:

  • Device ID’s
  • IMEI
  • Serial numbers
  • MAC address
  • Your entire list of contacts
  • Your files
  • And more

FF Meeting is a wrapper app, which essentially means that all your data (contacts, messages, and a lot more) is routed through a third party and not Telegram. Appsgeyser is also involved in the scenario, and it can use your private data. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to use the FF Meeting app.

15-year-old Pakistani boy created the FF Meeting app.

The Creator of the App:

The young creator put in a lot of effort and work hours to produce the FF Meeting app’s skin. According to experts, the kid indeed has the potential to do wonderful things in life. Unfortunately, he has not been advised well, which explains why he took credit for something he didn’t develop.

Similar Pakistani Chat Apps:

Experts state that it is extremely hard and expensive to develop a chat app like WhatsApp. However, two chat apps made in Pakistan exist:

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    • Might be a good starting point as software skill is concerned.
      But its also a good starting point for deceiving and manipulating. This app wasnt developed by him! its really 1 to 2 days work implementing it. and the reason why nobody is doing it is there is no benefit of doing this. Just to summarize his claims:
      1. Pakistani developed APP. … FALSE claim
      2. More advanced and secure than all the other app. .. FALSE claim.

      Apart from that its a privacy nightmare. Honda kee factory say gari per Honda kee jaga Bonda likh ker release kerdain to woh Bonda nahi ho jayay gee, Honda hee rahay gee.

      this is app is as much Pakistani developed as OPPO Cellphones!

  • anyone can build these app there is 9 hour long video tutorial on youtube. making something is not that hard then selling it

    • yes any one can make any thing there is lot of information available on the internet and also in the books. Please watch those video tutorial and make something.

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