Ultimate embarrassment for PIA: Canadian embassy cancels flights due to extreme mismanagement

Overseas Pakistanis had requested the government to facilitate the people by introducing an online system.

The Canadian embassy has canceled special flights for overseas Pakistanis stranded in Pakistan because of mismanagement on PIA’s behalf. The national carrier has been accused of taking inadequate safety measures amid coronavirus outbreak.

Amid COVID-19 crisis, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has been accused of minting money from expatriates who are currently stuck in Pakistan. The overseas Pakistanis were left stranded as airline operations were suspended to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Upon reaching, they were told that the tickets are already sold out. The expatriates have alleged that these tickets were sold through agents at double prices.

They found out that not only were there no proper arrangements to cater to the people, but they were also told that their prebooked flights have been canceled, their money has been lost and they will have to do the entire process again.

No precautionary measures:

Despite the government’s insistence to take necessary precautionary measures, stay indoors and practice social distancing, overseas Pakistanis could be seen standing close in queues as no online mechanism was devised.

Overseas Pakistanis had requested the government to facilitate the people by introducing an online system and specify fix ticket prices so that they do not need to get out of their houses.

After the videos of passengers went viral, the Canadian embassy backtracked on its decision and canceled emergency flights, bringing ultimate embarrassment to the national carrier.

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  • PIA is a national and international embarrassment. An enquiry is needed to find out who is responsible. Sack the corrupt and incompetent bosses for deliberate conivance with agents, at the risk of passengers lives.

  • Extra safety measures and immediate special flights and overseas Pakistani expect to have normal price ………PIA is meant to make profit flahi idara nahi hai… phir boltai hain profit nahi hora loss mai Hai pia

  • کیا بکواس ہے۔۔۔ اکھٹا کھڑے نہیں ہو سکتے لیکن جو سارے لوگ اکھٹے بیٹھ 15 گھنٹے سفر کرینگے وہ کیا کہلائے گا؟

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