Extremist Hindu Group Announces INR 10 Million Bounty For Sidhu’s Head

Efforts for peace cost Navjot Singh Sidhu as the extremist right-wing continues to threaten him due to his role in Indo-Pak peace efforts.

HYV (Hindhu Yuva Vahine), a right-wing Hindu outfit, has announced a reward of INR 10 Million or anyone who beheads the former Indian cricketing star, Navjot Sidhu. As reported by Indian reporting source Times of India, the threats were given to Navjot for insulting Minister Yogi Adityanath. Sidhu called Adiyanath a wanton thief and a Rajasthan rally. President of HYV Agra Tarun Singh warned that they will chop Sidhu into pieces if he ever visits Agra.
Singh also labelled Sidhu as a traitor for his efforts to reestablish peace between the longtime rivals, India and Pakistan.

”Either Sidhu should go to Pakistan or we will not let him live in India” – threatened Tarun Singh.

Tarun further added that Sidhu is continuously praising the enemy country, that is Pakistan and is condemning his own country. He said that his continuous praise of Pakistan is an unpardonable act. HYV was a cult formed around Yogi Adityanath about 15 years ago.

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Indian cricketer turned politician, Navjot Singh Sidhu has been under continuous criticism and has survived countless media trials for his exemplary efforts to initiate a friendship with Pakistan.  Sidhu says that the time for bloodshed is over and both countries need to work on strengthening their bonds and emerge and peaceful neighbours that can work collaboratively on many fronts.

The Congress leader said that when the people of two Punjabs will unite, they will become invincible.

”This is the alliance that made British bow down before them” – he said.

The hate sentiment against Navjot are being manipulated as BJP strengthens their election campaign ahead of general poles next year.

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