Stay Safe: Facebook issues online safety tips for teenagers

Online safety is a significant subject that needs to be discussed with teenagers to make cyberspaces safer for them.

Karachi, February 11, 2020: The World’s largest social networking platform- Facebook- has released online safety tips for teenagers. As teenagers make up the largest chunk of Facebook’s user base and since there is no awareness of cyber safety, they are the most vulnerable as well.

It is in the context that Facebook decided to release a set of instructions to guide parents and teenagers on how to use the internet safely.

Parents need to set limits for teenagers on how much time they spend online. The use of the Internet is important since it plays a part in a child’s development. But even with their online time limits agreed, parents have to ensure that the time is spent well and their children are viewing content that is interesting, engaging and most importantly, safe.

Facebook’s Parent’s portal has provided some instructions about online safety. The set of guidelines mainly addresses parents so that they can educate their children in terms of how to use the internet safely.

  • Parents should discuss online safety with their teenaged kids at an early stage: Teenagers are growing up in a digitized world. Take the time to introduce them to privacy and security protocols so that from an early age they know what’s safe and what’s not.

Teenagers are growing up in a digitized world. Parents need to invest some time to educate them about privacy and security protocols, to that they are aware of what is safe and what is not.

By installing parental controls on phones, tablets, laptop and broadband connection, parents can block and filter out content that the kids are accessing to assure their safety.

  • Set boundaries:It is mandatory to draw boundaries and put a limit on the time children spend online. Although the internet is a reliable outlet of information and education, excess of anything has a negative implication.

‘Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do in person is a basic rule’. Parents should educate their children about what to put out there on their respective social media platforms. They should be told that their future employers might have a look at their online activity so they need to be mindful of it.

  • Be realistic:
    The Internet is a busy place. There is so much out there that regulating and supervising everything is impossible.There will be instances where your children might come across distressing content. Being a parent, you must provide them a comfortable environment so that they can inform you about it.
  • Make a deal: The quicker, the clearer, the better. Start talking about these guidelines since the first day you hand a new tablet or a cellphone to your child.
  • It’s your responsibility:

    Children cannot control what happens to them, adults can. Parents need to recognize their role in the process and must play it.You might face resistance from their end but create an environment of comfort so that they understand your concerns and take them seriously.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is the key! Be consistent in performing your supervisory duties. Talk to them, communicate and convey to your children as to why they need to follow these guidelines.

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