To facilitate people, self check-in kiosks installed at Faisalabad airport

Self check-in kiosks were previously introduced at Islamabad airport.

After Islamabad International Airport, self-check-in kiosks have been introduced in Faisalabad. They were installed at domestic and international lounges of Faisalabad airport on Wednesday.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) installed Kiosks to facilitate the passengers. The self-check-in Kiosk is an automated system that will assist the people as they will no longer need to wait in long queues at the Check-in counters operated by the crew.

How will it work?

With the help of the kiosk, you can now identify yourself using your passport or ID, confirm flight information, review seat arrangements, print boarding passes. Not only this, the kiosk will also tell you about the checked-in bags.

The step came shortly after Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) launched a mobile application to facilitate the passengers in confirmation of seats and online reservations.

“The application has recently been launched and now the air passengers will enjoy better services,” a PIA spokesman said.

“The airliner’s overall seat factor has improved and reached nearly 84 percent whereas, on some sectors, the seat factor is at 90 percent,” he added

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  • I am sure employees who are corrupt (there are some), will try to to dismantle these machines so they are the only option for check ins.

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