Fact Check: Has Australian Travel Blogger Tayla Hill Converted to Islam?

Following in the footsteps of Canadian solo traveler, Rosie Gabrielle, another travel blogger, Tayla Hill, has also reportedly converted to Islam. The news was even reported on top news channels such as 92 News.

But, it turns out, the news regarding the Australian travel blogger embracing Islam is fake.

Here’s What Happened:

A Twitter account impersonating to be Tayla Hill had tweeted that the travel blogger has converted to Islam. Furthermore, the person impersonating to be Tayla Hill also asked for muslim name suggestions.

After the fake tweet went viral on electronic and social media, Tayla Hill decided to join Twitter to clear the air regarding the whole thing.

Following reports against the fake account of the travel blogger by social media users, the account has now been restricted.

Moreover, she also shared a video of a news channel reporting her conversion to Islam.

“All this because someone made a fake Twitter account of me,” she wrote in one of her Instagram story posts.


Just like many other foreign travel bloggers before her,  Tayla Hill is also deeply in love with Pakistan. She has been in Pakistan for the last few months and is enjoying the beauty of the country to the fullest.


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