Fact Check: Has Moeen Ali Announced Boycott of IPL over BJP Spokesperson’s remarks?

Moeen Ali

India is facing global boycott calls following the remarks made by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s spokesperson during a television show.

The hashtag #BoycottIndianProducts has also been trending on social media for the last few days. There have also been reports of a Kuwaiti supermarket pulling Indian products from its shelves.

Millions of muslims around the globe have participated in the social media campaigns against the Indian government. Now, tweet from a Twitter account with the name and display picture of English cricketer Moeen Ali has gone viral.

In the tweet, the Twitter account states that he [Moeen Ali] will never go for a cricket match to India, besides announcing to boycott the Indian Premier League. The Twitter account also appealed to the Muslims to do the same.

Moeen Ali Tweet

The tweet has been retweeted over thirteen thousand times and also received over 60 thousand likes. However, the Twitter account is fake and it doesn’t belong to English cricketer Moeen Ali. It was created in May this year and the bio clearly states that its a non-official account.

Moeen Ali Twitter

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