• No matter if she is not Pakistani but Pakistani nation gave her likes …so desperate …feel sorry to be called Muslims

  • It’s her choice honestly…… what is this siasat.pk

    I hope u r doing some kind of reverse engineering

    We have to grow up

    Saray tu khud bhet akelay akelay indian filmon mein nach ganay dekhtay ho aur jab apni kui Pakistani bhen aisay kapray pehney tu masla hay !!!!!

    Wtf x a million !!!!!!!!

    Mind blown ? x million !!!!!!!

  • Totally her choice !
    Go girl!

    Keep rocking!
    U go to any country like Turkey or Malaysia! Forget Malaysia or Indo nesia! Go to dubai and Turkey and the beaches there ……. Yes anyone can dress as they like !!!!!!

    Khud tu ertugrul dekhna ka shauq hay and u want Pakistan to have a leader like Erdogan but do u know who really is Erdogan? The President of Turkey?

    He has created an inclusive Turkey that wants to join EU, still be a NATO/US military ally, there are beaches, capadocia, there are drinking bars and dance clubs (openly registered with govt selling liquor to foreigners) …… in istiqlal square in downtown Istanbul !!!!!

    There are girls in skirts in Istanbul …… European and Turkish both u see in Istanbul

    U siasat.pk so far are very delusional and far fetched from reality. You are center of online politics and rumours and correction of fake news in Pakistan……. Correct direction!!!!!

    Totally fine this girl does that! Best ignore it if u don’t prefer it !!!!

    • This comment sounds like propaganda. Keep your culture to yourself, we are different and proud to be.

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