Netizens react to Fahad Mirza’s surgical transformation of his mother’s face [PICTURES]

The actor and cosmetologist transformed his mother's face into a beautiful and younger V-shaped cut from a round one.

Famous actor and cosmetologist Dr. Fahad Mirza, husband of Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani, has recently made the news for carrying out cosmetic surgery on his mother. It all started when Fahad Mirza took to his Instagram story to share a before and after version of his mother’s transformation. He captioned the post with:

Maa ki khidmat [Service for my mother]. This sure beats massaging her feet.

Details of the Surgery

Fahad Mirza performed fat grafting surgery on his mother. Fat grafting surgery is a treatment in which excess fat is removed from body parts such as the thighs, abdomen, or face to transform that part of the body.

The actor and cosmetologist transformed his mother’s face into a beautiful and younger V-shaped cut from a round one. Fahad Mirza described the surgery as:

Fat grafting, full face, restoring the V Shape of Youth.

As soon as the pictures were uploaded on the internet, they went viral. Netizens shared mixed responses after seeing the transformation. Many fans appreciated Fahad Mirza’s work and talent, while others schooled him by saying that such things aren’t allowed in Islam.

Here’s how netizens reacted to the transformation:

Fahad Mirza’s Acting Career

Fahad Mirza has done many hit dramas in his acting career, including Bari Aapa. His debut role “Essa” in the 2012 drama serial Bari Aapa brought him the fame that he desired. He also appeared in Mutthi Bhar Mitti, Main Deewani, and Shanakht, for which he was nominated for Hum Award for Best Supporting Actor at the 3rd Hum Awards.

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