Fahad Mustafa called out for supporting Sana Javed

Sana Javed and Fahad Mustafa

It seems the Sana Javed vs make-up artists and fashion models controversy isn’t going to end any time soon. After initially being called out by just a few celebrities, the list is getting longer.

After every few hours, there is a new name we get to hear who is sharing their experience of working with Sana Javed. Sonia Mishal, Hanish Qureshi, Hira Umer and Ellie Zaid are the latest additions to the long list of celebrities who have shared their experience of working with the Khaani actress.

However, despite all these members of entertainment industry coming out against Sana Javed, there are few who are supporting her. This also includes Fahad Mustafa, who tweeted in the actress’ support.

In a tweet, the Actor in Law star called Sana Javed ‘extremely professional and humble’. He also wished the renowned actress good luck.

Following Fahad Mustafa’s tweet, netizens called him out. They were of the opinion that Sana is only disrespectful towards those whom she considers below her.

A social media user replied Fahad Mustafa that he owns a production house, she won’t even think of being rude towards him. “Rich powerful man telling everyone how he is not treated like the rest of them,” wrote another user.

Here’s what others have to say:

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