[VIDEO] Why Fahad Mustafa Was Fired From His Morning Show? Truth Revealed!

The Na Maloom Afraad star Fahad Mustafa took his hosting job very lightly.

Did you know that Fahad Mustafa once hosted a morning show?

Fahad Mustafa, the esteemed superstar of the Pakistani entertainment industry, once hosted a morning show on Hum TV. In a recent interview, the actor revealed why he was fired from the morning show Jago Pakistan Jago – it was all due to his unprofessionalism.

The Na Maloom Afraad star Fahad Mustafa took his hosting job very lightly. He reported late to work and took casual off days without informing anyone.

The HUM TV management was forced to ask the guests on the morning show to host the program until Fahad arrived. This irresponsible and unacceptable behavior by the actor compelled the administration to fire him from Jago Pakistan Jago.

Talking about losing the morning show, Fahad Mustafa stated:

They were about to fire me. I had it coming; I knew it. I used to do the morning show, but Sultana Appa and the team deducted my pay in the last days. I took a day off, and at the end of the month, they deducted my payment. 

Fahad Mustafa used to host a morning show on HUM TV.

The disappointed actor continued to say:

I thought that now that they have deducted my money, I will go to the show three days a week and sleep on the other two workdays. At times, guests used to start the show, and I used to join them afterward; it wasn’t their fault, I will be honest with you.

Narrating an experience, Fahad said:

Once they invited Sohail Ahmed, from Ullu Barae Farokt Nahi. The whole cast was there; Sohail Sahb was The Guest that day. I overslept, I didn’t go. They started the show without me and I joined in between. Nauman Masood hosted the show in my absence.

Why was Fahad Mustafa fired from his HUM TV morning show?

Concluding the conversation about the morning show, Fahad stated:

I give myself a lot of credit that I did that show for three years. It was very much unlike me. However, I resigned before the management could fire me.

Here is an episode of Fahad Mustafa’s morning show:

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  • A very disappointing attitude of the so called ” over rated star”.
    He is good for nothing.
    To me a third grade actor.

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