Fahad Mustafa Reveals He Had Crush on This Pakistani Actress ‘Until He Met Her’

Fahad Mustafa also revealed that he still has a crush on Vaneeza Ahmad.

The Pakistani actor, Farhad Mustafa, has revealed that he had a crush on the model Iman Ali until he met her.

During an interview, the Actor in Law star opened up about different things from the showbiz industry regarding his personal life. When he was asked whether or not he ever had a crush on any co-star, he replied, “I had a crush on her but when I met Iman I was like,” Fahad said as he gestured ‘forgive me’ with his hands.

Furthermore, Fahad Mustafa also revealed that he still has a crush on Vaneeza Ahmad and whenever he looks at her there is a strange smile on his face.

“She’s also in one of my projects and whenever I talk to her, even till today there is this weird smile on my face,” he said.

“10 years ago, I didn’t have that much money or any such kind of facilities. I used to roam alone on bikes and buses and play cricket so I am dark-complexioned, always have been. There are no Brad Pitts here, everyone is like me,” Fahad replied to a question regarding whether he had gotten fairness injections.

The star actor also opened up about being quiet regarding the whole controversy surrounding Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

“I can’t do anything about his personal opinions and I don’t think he needs anyone to do anything about them.”

“I try and remain quiet. I don’t think that it’s important for us to comment on everything,” Fahad Mustafa added.

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