[VIDEO] After Ertugral, is Fahad Mustafa now throwing shade at Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan?

 Yasir Hussain shared a snippet of Fahad Mustafa's interview video on his Instagram story to express that he agreed with his perspective.


Fahad Mustafa speaks raw truth in his recent interview.

In a recent interview, the Na Maloom Afraad actor Fahad Mustafa spoke his heart regarding the Pakistani entertainment industry, and it’s actors. While doing that, it looks like he might have shaded Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan for going to Bollywood.

Speaking about his stardom, the actor said:

Sab chalay gaye India or mein yahan reh gaya. Main superstar ban gaya. Koi tha hee nahi.

He continued to state:

Ab sab Turkey jayen gay. Main yaheen hoon. Turkey eik din visa band karay ga sab kay. Uss kay baad hum reh jayen gay.

Fahad Mustafa indirectly points fingers at Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan.

Fahad Mustafa added:

Believe in your audience. Believe in your people. Apnay logon ko banao gay toh acha bhi lagay ga.

Yasir Hussain shared a snippet of Fahad Mustafa’s interview video on his Instagram story to express that he agreed with his perspective.

He captioned the video with:

Well said.

Yasir Hussain appreciates Fahad Mustafa’s statement.

After pointing fingers at all actors and actresses who jumped borders to get involved with other entertainment industries, Fahad Mustafa took to defending the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Speaking about Jalan and Nand, he said:

People are watching Nand and Jalan. If they weren’t watching the dramas, then they wouldn’t have been talking about them.

The Jeeto Pakistani host continued to state:

I am proud of Balaa, Cheekh, Nand, and Jalan. We can’t educate people with every drama, but we do what we can. I try to attract people with unique titles of my dramas. That’s why my dramas have such labels. If Nand had another name, people might not watch it.

Fahad Mustafa also added:

This is the age of social media, and people are watching ‘pocket films’. To keep the audiences engaged for 26 to 30 episodes, we try to make content that creates curiosity and keep viewers hooked.

He went on to say:

People and critics should wait for a drama to end before passing their judgments and remarks. People are talking and criticizing them [Jalan, Nand] because they are recent dramas. Being the producer of these two dramas, I own and like both of the dramas. Poor or rich, everyone is talking about them.

Producer Fahad Mustafa is happy with his dramas Jalan and Nand.

Concluding his statement, Fahad said:

I think these dramas do not have any unethical content. If anyone did not like them, then they have mental issues.

Watch the full interview here:

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