Remember the girl who was mocked by Fahad Mustafa for her drawing? You won’t believe what happened next!

He then went on to ask his daughter to comment on the picture and subsequently told Farheen never to draw again.

The host of the famous game TV show Jeeto Pakistan, Fahad Mustafa, once ridiculed a little girl on live television.

In 2018, a contestant on the show named Farheen drew a sketch of the JPNA2 actor, which upon seeing, Fahad promptly commented, “Do I look this bad?”

He then went on to ask his daughter to comment on the picture and subsequently told Farheen never to draw again.

After a video clip of the show went viral on social media, a US-based student, Anum Kausar, took to Facebook to share her thoughts on the incident. She wrote, “I am beyond disgusted with how Fahad Mustafa thought it is okay to insult, bully, and demotivate a child young enough to be his daughter.”

Anum added, “The girl drew a sketch of Fahad Mustafa, and I thought the doodle was super cute, but not him. Not only he repeatedly made fun of it, but he also dared to advise the child not to draw again. That is crushing someone’s desires, passion, and art. How could one artist do that to another is beyond me and that too on national television.”

The student said such incidents reflect on the status of art in our country. She wrote, “There is a reason why Pakistan has fewer artists — because we end them before they get to become something.”

Kausar’s post ended up receiving so much attention that the Lahore University of Management Sciences and Comic-Con Pakistan had offered Farheen a scholarship. Moreover, the Institute of Business Administration in Pakistan offered Farheen a scholarship within a course of her choice.

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  • Tum dikhao kisi ko neecha, Allaah nay uska ruutba aur uucha kar diya.

    I like Fahad Mustafa and watch Jeeto Pakistan, but indeed sometimes Fahad does step out of the line and crosses boundaries of insulting and degrading nature.

    • You are the one wasting time writing a comment here, you should go and educate your self and learn more about drawing & art and what is the price of 1 picture painted by any famous Artist, Your whole life income won’t meet that price.

  • Most arrogant stupid actor in pakistan.he always insults the guests in his show.if i would be and he insulted my daughter i would have slapped him on so called national tv ARY

  • We are giving these arrogant actors too much importance. I wish there was an alternate channel to counter the moral and ethical rot these new media channels are spreading. Part of it, is our own fault. We enjoy this type of fazool entertainment. We have to change the direction we are heading into otherwise we will very soon overtake India in chichori entertainment.

  • He is already looks like a monkey when he performed in any kind of shows dramas etc, and in game shows he looks like a joker too, what he feels now after my point of view in my opinion??? Hey you think about it what you have done

  • Fahad Mustafa is an accidental actor. He doesn’t know what the effects of discouraging him are on a child’s future. It was an ignorant act which proved that Fahd is devoid of distinction.

  • He is a stupid person and don’t know how to talk & behave with kids. Such people are called celebrities but to me they don’t deserve to be called a human being either.

  • I think that was the cutest pic and look at the innocence on her face. Let’s make it a trend. He crushed her dream by insulting her.
    Shame on you #apologize #to #her #FahadMustafa

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