Senator Faisal Javed, Engin Altan and Fahad Mustafa: What actually happened between three?

In a recent interview, the actor Fahad Mustafa compared entertainment media across the border and worldwide.

Fahad Mustafa is not happy with the Pakistani audience.

The Pakistani entertainment industry is spreading its wings by collaborating with the entertainment industries of other countries like Turkey. While this collaboration has proven to be fruitful in many ways, some Pakistani actors criticize this media diversity.

In a recent interview, the actor Fahad Mustafa compared entertainment media across the border and worldwide. The esteemed actor turned producer talked about the role he plays in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Targeting the Turkish actors, Fahad explained how he felt insecure about the nation praising the work of media across the border.

Many Pakistani actors don’t like the Pakistani audience favoring dramas across the border.

Fahad Mustafa said:

In the end, we’re not Turkish; we’re not Indian, we are Pakistanis. Ertugrul [Engin Altan] also came, sat with the lion, took the money, and left, didn’t he? That’s all you guys were for him. For you, there is Humayun Saeed. It’s us. Admit it or not, we were here, and we will be here in the future.

Addressing the criticism he receives from the nation, the male actor stated:

Actors want to do my dramas; people want to watch my dramas, and producers and channels want to make my dramas. So what am I doing wrong here? I’m doing nothing wrong here.

Fahad Mustafa continued to state:

I make my shows for the awaam, for those who stand in the jalsas. That’s my audience. But they all criticize me while no one batted an eye when Ishq-e-Mamnu was popular on television.

Ishq e Mamnu got very popular in Pakistan, even when it’s storyline wasn’t complying with the culture.

Expressing his concern about Pakistanis favoring media across the border, the actor continued to state:

The streets would be empty when Ishq-e-Mamnu was on the air. What was that? A nephew and aunt having an affair. So when I make it, it’ll be called Jalan only, what else should I do? Add the word Shakespeare behind it? Those who are watching Game of Thrones, watching incest, enjoying it even, criticize our work, saying why we don’t make such content. What should we do, make it then?

Speaking about his responsibility as a producer, he said:

I admit that not all films and dramas can come with a message. I was here to become an actor in the first place. I wanted to look like a hero. I’m not interested in giving you a message, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

While Fahad Mustafa spoke his heart out in the interview, his comments did not sit well with many.

Senator Faisal Javed defends Engin Altan.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf senator Faisal Javed Khan took notice of Fahad Mustafa’s statement. He took to Twitter to remind the male actor how Ertugrul’s fame should be a learning opportunity instead of a threat. He stated:

Engin Altan is one of the finest actors we have seen on TV, and Dirilis Ertugrul brought him massive fame across the world. A lot to be learned from such a great production and the director’s meticulous attention to detail. It is not a threat; it’s an opportunity.

Here is the original tweet posted by Senator Faisal Javed Khan:

It should be noted that this is not the first time Turkish VS Pakistani dramas has been the subject of a debate. Regardless, the Pakistani audience continues to incline towards watching Turkish dramas more.

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  • Fahad Mustafa, you are a fellow Pakistani. Please learn to respect Engin Altan who is a wonderful actor. After your comments about Engin Altan, I am beginning to doubt your credentials.

  • Mr Fahad is right, we aren’t turkish, and we need our culture not theirs, our culture make us different thatz what we are, dramas should be give a msg,. But u guys should stop giving msg of love only, we need old dramas back, like khuda zameen see gya nai hai, shela bagh, we need dramas like this now

  • It seems Faisal Javed Khan has lost his mind. We, in Pakistan, have a whole lot of actors who are finest than Engin Altan. Has he or his party ever appreciated Pakistani actors? Has he or his party ever supported Pakistani entertainment industry?

  • Most of these Pakistani Jerks who call themselves self proclaimed actors/actresses are paidawaar of heera mandis and they promote their heera mandi culture. So what’s the point in watching and wasting time on them?
    Turkish entertainment industry is far far superior than RSS inspired bollywood and zionist inspired hollywood. It reflects our Islamic heritage and we are proud of our heritage.

  • Your dramas and films shows vulgarity, talaaqen ,(wo b intaha ke) wrong Affairs,jahagray ,fasaad , Naach gaana and fahaashi and many more.
    But Enjin Altaan drama Ertughral shows bahadury , beautiful culture, love, caring,insaaf,Mujahidaana salahiyten, and finally the best way of Allah.

  • I don’t know why our actors are scared of Turkish drama, Faisal is right you should learn from them…Our Pakistani dramas are just garbaged these days.

  • Tell Fahad mustafa to have a look at the Pakistani dramas which are promoting nothing but vulgarity. Even in 1000 years, we can’t make a content like ERTUGAL ; neither we’ve such History nor such production talent, facilities, financials. So stop being jealous

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