Faisalabad And Lahore Named Among World’s Ten Most Polluted Cities

While Pakistan has initiated significant campaigns for cleanliness and making Pakistan green again, it still apparently has a long way to go. According to the latest list revealed by The World Index, two Pakistani cities have been named among World’s ten most polluted cities.

Faisalabad was in the third place, while Lahore stood on the tenth slot. The air quality of both cities is many times worse than what is considered ‘safe’ by international standards. The list was based on data acquired from IQAir AirVisual. The list also showed that all fifteen cities there were South Asian neighbours. 12 cities on the list were from India, two were from Pakistan and one from China.

As per the list, India’s Gurugram and Ghaziabad secured the top positions as the two most polluted cities in the world. The third spot was taken by Pakistan’s Faisalabad. India’s Faridabad, Bhiwadi, Patha occupied the fourth, fifth and sixth slots respectively. China’s Hotan city grabbed the eighth position. Lucknow was one spot above Lahore – ninth on the list. Lahore was tenth. The other positions were occupied by Delhi, Jodhpur, Muzaffarpur,  Varanasi and Moradabad.

Environmental issues like smog have been choking Pakistan’s major cities. As Pakistan sees a steady rise in carbon emissions and braces for toxic air pollution, particularly blowing from Northern India, the challenges are increasing and worsening day by day.

Furthermore, air pollution caused by industries, traffic, crop burning and disposal of solid waste is other major contributors to smog. With the country witnessing a rise in carbon emissions, smog is only expected to worsen in the coming winters if urgent action is not taken, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warns. It is one of the most severe contributors towards the worsening of human health, quality of life, economy and environment.

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