Faisalabad: Man locked toddler stepson in freezer before raping, killing stepdaughter

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In another horrific incident of child abuse, a man sexually assaulted and murdered his five-year-old stepdaughter and tortured his toddler stepson.

Sources have revealed that the culprit had beaten his toddler stepson and locked him in a freezer. Fortunately, some children in the neighborhood heard the poor boy crying and took him out.

While speaking with Voicepk, the children’s mother said that the accused had taken her 5-year-old daughter somewhere in a rickshaw on Saturday evening. The mother said that he took her daughter to a deserted area where he first sexually abused her and then killed her.

When the victim did not return, the mother became worried and searched for her in the area along with the people in the neighborhood.

As the accused returned, he pretended not to know about his stepdaughter’s whereabouts and started looking for her in the area. However, they later found her body at the back of their own house under the stairs on a veranda.

The mother had filed a case against the accused at the Faisalabad police station. During the investigation, he confessed to raping and murdering the five-year-old. According to the details, bloodstains were also found on his trousers.

A post-mortem report stated that the minor girl was subjected to sexual violence before the murder. Moreover, the report claimed the girl was strangled to death, whereas marks from a sharp object were also found on the victim’s body.

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  • Surely peadophiles like this bastard should be put to death or surgically castrated. This sort of crime is happening daily in Pakistan.

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