Faisalabad Opens Its First ‘Fruit Park’ where you can pluck fruit for free!

'Clean and Green Programme'

In a first, FDA City has set up a park where people can pluck fruit from trees without any cost.

The park has trees of plum, guava, and oranges. The gates of the park are open to everyone. This is Punjab’s first-ever fruit park of such nature.10,000 trees have been planted so far but the number is expected to steadily grow.

People are free to come in at any time and enjoy fresh and organic fruits. This is Faisalabad’s first park where all the fruits, which can be grown in the city, will be available.

The park is a project of the ‘Clean and Green Programme’, under which 69 fruit parks are to be established on 1,000 Kanal land at the FDA City Housing Scheme.

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  • Ab agar awam b hosle ma reh k park ko maintain rakhen na k fruit mandi samjh k aa k tokre bhar bhar k le jayen or wahin kha kha k un k chilke bagh ko ganda kren…! Kya hakoomat k is baray ma koi intazamat hain???

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