Do you know about these fake Indian apps that could be infecting Pakistani users with malware?

Here's everything you need to know.

NITB warns Pakistanis about a new malware ‘Hackshaw’.

Recently, the National Information Technology Board (NITB) took to Twitter to warn Pakistani users of an Indian malware, ‘Hackshaw’.

In the tweet, the NITB explained that fake versions of popular apps such as Signal, Babble, TeleChatty & Filos could be tainted with Indian-based malware ‘Hawkshaw’. According to the NITB, this malware is being used by Indian hackers to carry out phishing attacks.

The board stated:

Don’t download any untrusted APP or APK from open source web links. Kindly download such Apps from Google Play Store or Apple Store only.

It should be noted that earlier, an American security company, ‘Lookout’, revealed that Modi’s government is sponsoring Indian hackers who are involved in cyber-espionage and are spying on Pakistani citizens.

The report by Lookout named two other malware known as Sunbird and Hornbill distributed to the targets through fake Android apps.

These apps might be tainted with Indian-based malware.

It is pertinent to mention that the news of these apps has surfaced amidst shocking reports. These reports state that various Indian hacking groups are being nurtured and equipped at a similar level as that of the USA, China, and Russia, to conduct cyber-attacks on a regional level. Sources state that some of the most commonly used techniques by these hackers include:

  • Using fake apps;
  • Social engineering tactics;
  • Phishing.

Such incidents highlight the need for more significant cyber-security measures to be implemented across the nation and the need for creating awareness among the masses.

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