Fake nursing school destroys the future of 50 students in Karachi

When the students did not hear back from the college management in the following weeks, they tried to contact teachers but found the numbers off. 

A fake nursing school destroyed the hopes of at least 50 aspiring nurses in Karachi, The News reported on Monday.

When Mohsin Sarwar and his 48 other classmates arrived at the King Solomon’s Institute of Nursing to resume their studies, they were bewildered to see the doors shut. 

The students reached out to teachers and the owner of the college but received no response. 

“Next day, one of our classmates received a call made by the daughter of the owner of the institute. She assured that the administration had decided to shift the institute somewhere else, and all the students will be told later about it,” Sarwar told The News.

The aspiring nurse added that the owner’s daughter also directed the students to deposit their fees in the institute’s bank account, which some students did.

When the students did not hear back from the college management in the following weeks, they tried to contact teachers but found the numbers off. 

“We got admissions to the institute in September 2018. At first, the college arranged classes for the students, and everyone punctually attended the institute. Yet later, the teachers started to leave one by one,” shared Sarwar. “When the students complained about the situation, there was no one to hear them.”

According to The News, the 50 students that got enrolled in the institute in 2018 now believe that they were deceived by Chairman of the King Solomon’s Institute of Nursing Tasadiq Rahat.

The publication also reported that the institute had received Rs70,000 as an admission fee from each student and a monthly tuition fee of Rs7,000.

“During the last two years, each student has paid more than Rs200,000 to the institute. The students not only lost their money, but the cheater also wasted two years of 50 students,” said another student Muhammad Zaib.

After getting the admissions, the students had realized that the institute was not registered with the relevant authorities and had approached Rahat, but were assured by the owner that the institute was genuine and had received the same in written as well.

Rahat had also told the students that if they failed to appear in the nursing board exam, their fees would be returned.

However, Rahat took advantage of the closure of educational institutes due to the coronavirus pandemic closed the institute.

“When we came back to the institute, we found that our institute had been running in a rented building. The owner has now shifted all the furniture from the building,” said one of the affected students, Danyal Bhatti.

The students had approached the police to register a case against the owner, but the police had initially refused to do so.

Nonetheless, a case was registered on October 27 only after the students protested in Korangi Industrial Area. However, so far, no arrest has been made.

The students had also approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). However, the agency said that the case does not fall in their domain, and the anti-corruption authorities issued the same response.

On the other hand, the Sindh Nursing Examination Board in Karachi confirmed that King Solomon’s Institute of Nursing was not a recognized school. It had also issued a notification on June 24 that it had not received any information about whether the college is registered with the Pakistan Nursing Council or obtained a no-objection certificate from the Sindh government.

The board had also requested anti-corruption officials, police, and the FIA to take disciplinary action against the institute.

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