Fake or Not? Shahzeb Khanzada shares more details about alleged leaked audio clip of Saqib Nisar [Video]

Following the audio leak, ex-CJP had termed the audio clip fake

saqib nisar audio leakRenowned anchor person Shahzeb Khanzada has shared more details about the alleged leaked audio clip of former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar. Recently, a private news channel revealed that the former CJP had used some of the sentences, which are part of the alleged audio clip, in one of his speeches.

Sentences such as “let me be very blunt about it” and few others were used by Saqib Nisar in his speech. The private TV channel’s revelations had raised questions over the authenticity of the alleged audio clip of Saqib Nisar.

Now, Shahzeb Khanzada has revealed that the former CJP never used the most controversial sentences of the audio clip in his speeches. According to the anchorperson, Geo archive closely looked into as many as 95 speeches of Saqib Nisar to find the controversial parts of the audio clip but couldn’t find anything. However, he also revealed that the former Chief Justice did use words such as “unfortunately”, “institution”, “judgement”, “Mian Sahib” and “Khan sahib” in the 95 speeches Geo Archive looked into.

Watch the video:

Following the audio leak, ex-CJP had termed the audio clip fake. Garrett Discovery, a US-based firm that conducted the forensic analysis of the audio clip, has claimed that it received threatening phone call. On the other hand, the wife of journalist Ahmed Noorani was also attacked by an unknown person in Lahore.

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  • Fake or not, why don’t Sharifs submit it to IHC to get acquitted?
    Khanzada and co won’t raise this basic question.

  • Ok pehli baat BC why would someone take the useless part of the conversation and mix it with the important part. He may not have used the other sentences in entirety in any speech but its possible and I am sure that he has used all the words, even if not in public speeches it could be privately recorded conversations. So a tempered audio is not necessarily cut-pasted sentences but could also be cut-pasted partial sentences or single words. Iss jahil ko samjhao koi. The background noise in the audio makes this suspicion even stronger, because I guess someone has tried to add noice to the tempered audio to make it hard for forensic experts.

  • Even if a part is proven fabricated the whole thing goes out of the window. Credibility becomes zero.

  • I went to shop with fake Rs 500 note to buy candy. shop keeper said “Eid mubarak” written on note so its fake. I said well, Quaid e azam’s pic is real. so give me candies for that…

    sala chutttia samja hi sab ko???

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