Family of woman sub-inspector accuses senior police officers of her suicide

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A few days after the suicide of Sub-Inspector Mary Rose, members of her family have accused the senior police officers of the district of her act.

Her grandfather, Hadayat Masih, recently told reporters that Rose was very depressed because she was not given wedlock transfer or leave.

He said there were two factors of her suicide. First, the district police officer disapproved of her leave and a transfer to Lahore. Second, Rose’s husband, a police employee at Special Branch, Lahore, had pressured her to come to Lahore by resigning from the job.

The grandfather made it clear that there were no differences between Rose and her husband, as police proclaimed, declaring she had committed suicide over domestic matters.

He said Masih Sarwar(Rose’s husband) only wanted her transfer to Lahore for a happy married life. He said Rose did not want to quit her job and went into a depression that led to her suicide.

She applied for leave on the 8th of March. On the day of her death, Rose went to the DPO to ask about her application, said Masih, adding the DPO did not give her leave because of lack of police force.

He said her granddaughter had a right to be transferred to the city of her husband’s posting, and she had applied for the wedlock transfer eight years back.

Rose’s mother also restated the claims of her grandfather, stating her daughter committed suicide because of behavior in her department and the transfer issue.

The Superintendent of Police (SP) investigation, Dost Muhammad, rejected the family’s claims, saying that some domestic issues were the reason for her suicide according to a preliminary inquiry. 

The SP asserted that a day before her suicide, Mary Rose came to his office to get a cheque, and she was very calm.

The Police spokesperson, Saif Ali Wains, went a step further and told a source that the victim had not applied for any leave or wedlock transfer in recent days. He further said that the issue of her leave or transfer to her suicide was not correct.

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