The Original Story Behind The Famous Ghazal “Woh Humsafar Tha” Will Totally Amaze You

When you name Pakistan’s singing sensation Quratulain Baloch, the first name that comes to mind is Hamsafar. QB gained immense popularity and recognition after she sang the OST for famous Pakistani serial ‘Hamsafar’, starring Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan. The drama was a big hit but the OST was something entire Pakistan was addicted to for quite a while.

The romantic lyrics and QB’s soothing voice made it a nationwide addiction. However, there’s more to the lyrics that we heard and understood.
The ghazal was originally written by Naseer Turabi after Bangladesh liberation war and the ‘Hamsafar’ being referred to in it was originally East Pakistan.

Turabi was born in 1945 in Hyderabad state, then Deccan. Moved to Pakistan after independence, the poet got his education and lived in Karachi. He started writing poetry in 1962. His first collection of poetry, called Aks e Faryadi, was published in 2000.
Turabi says that he originally wrote Hamsafar for fall of Dhaka and expresses his sentiments. He says that he was in office when on 16 December when he received the news. He couldn’t control his emotions and started crying. In that state of mind, he started penning down his sentiments in the form of this ghazal.
With this new perspective, listen to the touching words with flowing emotions by the legend Naseer Turabi himself here:

People are surprised after the story started floating across social media. It’s fascinating and shocking how there can be a big difference between what the writer is trying to convey and what the reader gathers, but still, the relevance remains. That’s the thing about poetry, it translates to the reader in the language he understands. Here is what people have to say:

The lines still feel as beautiful and touching, if not more. It is captivating the versatility literature has!

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