Famous Pakistani Actors Protest Outside Apex Court Demanding Ban On Indian Dramas

In another bold step, Pakistani celebrities and artists stood outside country’s top court demanding a ban on Indian content today.
The protest came after UPA (United Producer’s Association) took to Twitter initiating the stance, saying that Chief Justice of Pakistan should take notice of excessive foreign content being aired on Pakistani channels. They further proposed that only 10% foreign content should be allowed to be broadcast.

After their first hearing today, famed actors with a massive following like Faysal Qureshi, Samina Ahmed, Adnan Siddiqui, Ejaz Aslam protested outside the Apex court today.
Speaking to media, Samina informed that CJP Saqib Nisar has asked them to submit an application and they are sure courts will take action.
Faysal Qureshi said that Pakistan is in a state of war with India, and airing their content in prevailing circumstances.
 “Our soldiers are fighting for us at the border. We’re in a state of war with India. Many mothers, daughters have come to me, asking why we have allowed Indian content on television when it’s the Indians who kill their sons, our sons. I have no response. I’m too embarrassed to say anything’’ – Faysal said (source: Express Tribune)

Adnan Siddiqui who has worked in international industries as well said that they owe their achievements to TV channels. But one cannot deny the fact that our own actors are unemployed due to the excessive foreign content being aired on channels.
Veteran actor Ejaz Aslam expressed similar views.
“Because of the international content, more than 50,000 films are getting affected. There should be a quota, a proper one, to air let’s say, only 10% of the foreign content.’’ – He said.


CJP took notice of the petition, asking actors to file an application. CJP added that the content being aired is not appropriate from the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. He added that we are all liberal but award shows and how they are presented does not resonate with the local audience.

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