Famous Shandor Festival leaves behind tonnes of wastes badly affecting the life of residents

  • Local residents are worst affected by the wastes that spread due to the annual Shandor Festival.
  • Volunteers are cleaning the area but they are fewer in number as compared to the huge quantities of wastes.
  • Remnants of contaminated food materials and bulges of plastic waste damages the wildlife and domestic animals in the area.
Shandor Festival left behind the tonnes of wastes that badly affect the local population- photo courtesy Hunza Guides Facebook page.

Who hasn’t heard about the Shandor Polo Festival -the event organized every year in the month of July and a huge number of tourists rush to see the polo match that usually played between the local teams.

This year more tourists were expected because of two reasons: restoration of peace in the valley and widespread campaign by the tourism department on social and mainstream media to promote the event.

However, the days long festival has ended leaving behind the scores of waste materials including remnants of food materials and bulges of plastic waste.

The rush of tourists in the valley leaves the scores of wastes materials ranging from stables to plastic bags. The volunteers are busy in cleaning the festival spot for many days but it is improbable for them to clean several kilometers of the area as these volunteers are fewer in number, Chitral Times reported.

The pictures shared by Chitral Times following the festival show a huge cache of plastic bottles and contaminated remnants of fruits and other eatables. The local population is worried about that much wastes as it causes harm to their livestock and often kills many animals.


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Shandor is not only the habitat of domestic animals but also includes many wild animals. These wild animals are also becoming the victim of environmental damage caused by the subsequent events of the world-famous Shandor Festival.

Here you go for the visuals shared by Chitral Times showing the scores of wastes left after the three days long Shandor Festival.


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