Fan’s ‘surprise gift’ to Sajal Aly and a heartfelt letter will make your day!

So pure and beautiful!

Pakistani actress Sajal Aly is the heartthrob of the nation. With her organic performance and challenging roles, Sajal has seamlessly taken over the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

The 26-year-old actress enjoys a massive fan following, and her fans will do anything to make her slip a smile!

In one such attempt, a cute team of followers who ran a fan page as well sent Sajal a surprise gift, and it is absolutely adorable.

Among the other things, there was a long letter portraying the love for Sajal.

One of her fans also made a custom picture book for Sajal with her and Ahad’s pictures.

Sajal Aly is beautiful, multi-talented, and has an extremely fun-loving personality. People have fallen head over heels for the Yaqeen Ka Safar actress.

Sajal always tries to reciprocate the love she receives and goes out of the way to show that she appreciates her fans and their love. She often takes to her Instagram handle to repost her fan stories, collages, videos, artworks, and personally thanks them as well.

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