Farah Khan and her husband own 19 vehicles, including two Porsche cars

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Farah Khan vehicles

Farah Khan, a close friend of the first lady and the alleged character involved in transfers and postings in Punjab, and her husband own 19 vehicles, including two Porsche cars.

As per the Excise Department report, as many as 12 vehicles, including two Porsche cars, are registered in her name. Moreover, seven vehicles are registered in her husband’s name, Ahsan Jamil Gujjar.

Farah purchased Porsche vehicles in 2013 and 2015. The Excise Department charged PKR 1.18 million in registration fees. Also, she had booked another Porsche car in 2019 and paid PKR 36 million in advance.

Sources have revealed that she also owns a house in Defence valued at PKR 220 million to PKR 250 million. Meanwhile, Farah Khan has termed the corruption allegations as groundless and an attempt to tarnish her character.

She refuted all the allegations leveled against her on her Twitter account.
In addition, Farah Khan’s husband, Ahsan Jamil Gujjar, also rejected all the allegations against his wife as “absolutely baseless.”

Speaking to a local news outlet, Ahsan acknowledged that his family had a very old relationship with the First Lady, Bushra Bibi, stating Farah was made a soft target for being a woman. He claimed that his family was targeted for punishing Imran Khan for sins he had never committed.

Gujjar said the data about his family’s assets are the figures given to the FBR by his family, whose business is not clandestine. “People who have properties worth trillions of rupees are not being interrogated. All our properties are declared,” Ahsan added.

He said, “We confess we have 19 vehicles in our names. However, these also include vehicles we have sold out, but the buyers have not booked their transfer in their names. We purchased a few vehicles in 2015. Then PTI was not in the government. One may move court against us, and we will present proof there.”

Speaking about Farah’s viral picture in the aircraft, he clarified that it was not the government’s property; however, he declined to disclose the identity of the aircraft’s owner.

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