Farmer’s dead body taken to bank for money withdrawal

The officer said that the villagers' threat and the police's intervention pressured the bank into giving them a proportion of the money.

PATNA: Villagers in India took a farmer’s dead body to a bank to ask for money to fund his cremation. The body belonged to Mahesh Yadav, who was 55 when he died on Thursday in a village in Bihar. He suffered from a chronic condition which eventually led to his death.

His neighbors who found his body looked for possessions to pay for his cremation. Upon finding none, they brought his passbooks with them to a bank. According to the passbook, the man had $1600 saved in his bank account.

However, the passbook was not the only thing they took to the bank. The group also took Yadav’s dead body into the bank branch. They told the manager that they would not leave until he releases Yadav’s funds, as reported by the local police officer Amrender Kumar.

The officer said that the villagers’ threat and the police’s intervention pressured the bank into giving them a proportion of the money.

Canara Bank saw panic and the manager Sanjeev Kumar stated that it was a very unusual scene.

He said, “After more than an hour, I gave them money and they left the place for cremation.”

The deceased’s neighbor Shakuntala Devi said that he did not possess any land and the government did not support him in any manner.

She said that he had no one to look after him even though he been ill for a long time. His neighbors would give him food and other things.

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