Fast Track Court to be set up for resolution of overseas Pakistanis’ land disputes

  • Fast Track Courts will also be set up that would conclude the cases of expatriates within the short span of 2 to 3 months.
  • Four more citizen facilitation centers will be established in the capital city to ensure the speedy solution of public issues through one window; Interior Minister Ijaz Shah.

The resolution of overseas’ problems was one of the solemn promises that the incumbent political party made before coming to power. The Pakistani expatriates are faced with a variety of issues in the country of their origin including the cases of property disputes and frauds that number in thousands.

Many of the overseas Pakistanis appear displeased with their hard-earned money which they invest in Pakistan in the form of property and other assets. Much of the problem was accorded to the lack of government’s attention to resolve these issues.

The current government has taken the initiative of Special Police Station which is said to address the complaints of overseas Pakistani citizens in preference. Moreover, Fast Track Courts will also be set up that would conclude the cases of expatriates within the short span of 2 to 3 months.

Fast Track Courts to be set-up

Fast Track Courts to be set-up to resolve the issues of Pakistani expatriates. The summary regarding the development has also been forwarded to the law ministry.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Syed Zulfi Bukhari at the inauguration of Special Police Station said that the overseas Pakistanis remain overwhelmed with the issues of land disputes and the resolution of expatriates’ complaints was one of the electoral manifestos of the incumbent ruling elite.

He also said that the initiative regarding the resolution of overseas problems has been taken today in the form of a Special Police Station. The Interior Minister Ijaz Shah was also the guest in attendance at the inauguration ceremony held in Islamabad.

He further said that due to the absence of overseas Pakistanis, their problems become pending. With the establishment of this police station, their problems will be solved under one roof. Police and Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) staff will facilitate the people under one roof.

In the near future, the scope of these measures will be expanded and these police stations will also be set up for public convenience in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. .He said the officials of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation had been deputed over the special desk to establish strong connectivity among the departments concerned for resolving expats’ complaints on fast-track.

Special Police Stations

Islamabad Capital Territory Police Islamabad has set up a special desk for overseas Pakistanis in the federal capital to offer the one-stop solution of their problems, said the interior minister, including vehicle verification, provision of driving licenses and a copy of the First Information Report (FIR) lodged in any police station.

Four more citizen facilitation centers will be established in the capital city to ensure the speedy solution of public issues through one window, he continued, adding that that materialization of such initiatives depicts that the state is moving in the right direction.

To a query, he said the Islamabad Capital Territory police were recruiting more traffic personnel in Islamabad Traffic Police to ensure a smooth flow of traffic on the capital’s roads.

About the madrassah reforms, the minister said the government is placing reforms in seminaries to create mass awareness and introducing the syllabus that would help the youth to become a constructive part of society.

.”We are just adding the subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and History in madrassas’ syllabus,” said Mr.Shah while responding to another question.

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Here you go for some visuals of the new police station that has been dedicated to resolving the complaints of expatriates.

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  • please let me know the email address for overseas pakistani to complain of propertys in pakistan,

  • Hi – i urgently need assistance with ongoing land dispute in Pakistan, where relatives are forcefully taking land and family home

  • Salaam,
    Looking for assistance on how to proceed. Relatives taking over family home in Pakistan

  • I am based in Sialkot where the land dispute is, but I am currently living in England. Who can I contact near Sialkot about my inquiries.

  • I am German national overseas Pakistani. My brother forcefully take over my house in Faisalabad. Please let me now how can you help me.

  • ongoing case since 6 years in courts of kharian and still no justice despite giving all the evidences. The other party have done kabzaa at my house not once they have given any evidences that they have anything in that house and the courts are not doing anything . I am running around asking for justice been to all the authority but they seem not to help .i have complained to all the portals which so call help overseas which they do not they look at us as we jokes . i need help how i can get the case to fast track overseas court and also with the pending cases will i need to attend them or will it all just refferd to the overseas court

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