The harmless Memes that ruined the FAST university students' life

The student posted that he is under 'intense mental strain'.

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is a premier university of Pakistan, renowned for the quality and impact of its students in the development of local software and other industries. FAST has earned a respectable name in a very short period due to its hard work and dedication towards students. However, recently, the university management has taken disciplinary action against students for making memes on a Facebook page.

The university management issued disciplinary actions notice to the students which state:

Disciplinary actions have been taken against the following students for their involvement in Facebook Defamatory Memes on Fast Lahore Posting Group

The FAST-NUCES management states that the students were involved in spreading undesirable comments and remarks, via memes, against the university administration and the faculty on Facebook.

What were the memes that caused the faculty to take such extreme measures?

Due to these comments and remarks, the administration has decided to penalize currently enrolled students by lowering students\\’ grades down for the semester, canceling the degrees of already graduated students, and even expelling the enrolled students.

One of the victims took to his Facebook profile to share how he feels about the decision.

Many students and activists are expressing their concern for the students at FAST University. They are condemning the university\\’s decision to give out such dire punishments over sharing memes on a Facebook page.

Many people are terming the university\\’s decision as \\’against the principles of freedom of expression\\’, while others are seeing it as \\’setting a bad precedent for other educational institutions\\’ in the country.

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  • This is totally illegal practice. Grades must be based purely on Academic performance and should not be changed for any disciplinary reasons. Whoever did this does not understand the sanctity of academic records. Neither does he understand the concept of freedom of expression. 

  • Why these student targeted mam sumaira online?
    Doesnt she have any privacy?

  • It is a very good step. Students think everything is a joke.

    They were even sharing nude pics in online zoom class in the presence of female students. I mean this is disgusting. Pehle fun karo phir udaas ho jao. This is it.

    Very very good FAST and I hope other institutes will follow as well.

  • And the people who are appreciating fast decision should imagine their own close one in this situation. I would like to know how will they react when their children or sibblings future got ruined due to some memes. And teachers are supposed to be teachers not authoritarians.

  • The memes shared above are really harmless, but the real memes that can’t be even shared here are so disgusting that the parents of these students won’t be proud of their children after seeing them.

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