With FATF plenary meeting around the corner, India using cheap tactics to undermine Pakistan’s efforts

A social media user has exposed how India has used disinformation to hinder Pakistan's significant progress


With FATF’s plenary meeting just around the corner, India has started propagating false information against Pakistan.

A social media user, Tabesh, has exposed how India used disinformation to hinder Pakistan’s significant progress towards all benchmarks set in the Financial Action Task Force, Action Plan.

The social media user’s tweets have revealed the disinformation campaign run by the Indian media to weaken Pakistan’s efforts against money laundering.

Tabish tweeted that a new report titled ‘Pakistan Ramps Up its Deception Game as FATF Deadline Approaches’ was published recently by the infamous Indian news agency, Asian News International (ANI).

In December last year, a non-profit organization, EU DisinfoLab, uncovered how ANI uses combat tactics and fake news to malign Pakistan globally.

The report published on the website cites a ‘Special Report’ by a thinktank called ‘Center of Political and Foreign Affairs’ (CPFA) penned by ‘Robert Duchemin.’ It alleges that “Pakistan has been promoting propaganda in an attempt to influence the FATF to take the country out of the grey list.”

There is no content in the articles section of the Thinktank that has been working for ten years, except this ‘Special Report on Pakistan’.

A seemingly disguised author with no digital presence has written a misleading report published in a receptive thinktank, reported by a non-credible agency that no one is investigating.

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