Justice delayed: Hopeless father of 11 years old rape victim commits suicide

Najeebullah committed suicide in front of the Gilgit-Baltistan Constitutional Assembly.

Hopeless and helpless, father of an 11 years old rape victim commits suicide. He gave his own life by jumping into River Gilgit in front of the Gilgit-Baltistan Constitutional Assembly. He took this step after police failed to arrest his daughter’s abusers.

According to police officials, the investigation has been lodged in the suicide. The daughter of the distressed father was kidnapped from Sakarkui area of Gilgit city on July 26th and returned on 29 July. Police were reached out for the matter.

They told that a woman and two men from her neighborhood kidnapped her.  allegedly raped her in a moving car. She added that the alleged captors, after keeping her in the building in the forest, repeatedly raped and assaulted her over three days.

A close relative of the victim told a local media source that police initially showed hesitance in registering FIR and did it after she reached back home.

“The father was regularly visiting the police station, begging for justice. He was extremely distraught and the society’s behavior and the inaction on the part of police forced him to end his life,” he said.

He further added that not only was police reluctant in dispensing justice but also was pressurizing the helpless father to withdraw FIR. However, Gilgit Assistant Superintendent of Police Mohammad Ayaz said that the complaint was lodged on the very day the family reached out to the police.

He confirmed that the girl’s medical reports confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted. Ayaz assured the family that justice will be assured.

GB Chief Minister Hafeezur Rehman took notice of the incident as well. He held a meeting with the inspector general of police and directed him to arrest the remaining culprits on a priority basis as well.

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