Father sells his three-month-old daughter to buy a smartphone and motorcycle

A father sold his three-month-old daughter to buy a smartphone and motorcycle. The bone-chilling incident happened in the Chikkaballapur district of India.

A laborer from the said district sold his daughter for INR 100,000 to a couple that was childless. Once he received the money, he bought a smartphone for INR 15,000 and a motorcycle for INR 50,000.

Selling the young baby

According to news sources, the parents had tried to sell the baby to a family in Bengaluru when she was born. But the hospital authorities interfered and spoiled their plan. Then another man came to know about this and negotiated a deal with them on behalf of a childless couple in another village.

After the man spent money on things, his neighbors grew suspicious, and they soon realized that his daughter had been missing. They informed the authorities who questioned some villagers, including the baby’s mother.

The Child Welfare Committee recovered the girl and a case has been registered against the couple. The father ran away but the mother was taken into custody. After being interrogated, the woman revealed that the girl’s father threatened her, which is why she agreed to sell her.

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