Father Shares How His Sons Were Harassed By Staff Member At Monal Restaurant And Its Shameful

Child sexual harassment has been a topic of discussion for a while now. More people have started to be more open to talking and the atmosphere has become generally accepting. But every new story, every new revelation forces us to rethink our societal behaviors. Every incident sends chills down our spines and compels us to consider the unsafe environment our kids are growing up in.

The same incident but of a very horrific nature made its way to social media recently. A father of two young sons took to Facebook recalling what his sons faced at Monal Restaurant, Saddar Rawalpindi.
Muhammad Asim Javaid tells that his sons went to Monal and had to use the washroom. While on their way, they were stopped by the sweeper on the door who started inappropriately interviewing them and asking personal questions.

He then asked the kids to pose for a picture. The kids refused but he forced them saying that if they don’t let him photograph them, he will not let them get out.
The kids came back and told everything to their parents. They immediately went to the manager and told him everything. The man was called, who arrived after quite a while. The kids were able to give the exact description of the mobile set but both manager and the sweeper denied the claims.
Here is what happened next:

It’s shameful how these horrible human beings at loose and anyone who tries to speak against them, usually is shut down. What’s more distressing is the attitude of the hotel and the extent organizations goes to protect their employees despite right or wrong, even if the rights of the customer is being compromised who trusts them with two of the most worthy commodities humans have i.e money and time.
Kudos to this father for at least taking an action and taking to social media to aware people.

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