Father-Son twinning is the new thing: See which celebrities followed the trend

Here’s a list of cool celebrity dads who twinned with their sons on Eid and made our day.


We all have seen mothers and daughters twinning in their outfits on different occasions, but who thought it would look THIS adorable when fathers and sons twin?

Despite such unprecedented times, this Eid a number of celebrity dads chose to twin with their sons, and undoubtedly it is the most adorable thing to see on the internet today.

Here’s a list of cool celebrity dads who twinned with their sons on Eid and made our day.

Fahad Mustafa

Not just on the first day, but Fahad Mustafa and his son twinned on both Eid days. There is certainly something about fathers and sons wearing a similar outfit.

Faysal Qureshi

On the very first Eid of Faysal Qureshi’s son’s, son Farman, the father-son duo twinned in black kurta shalwar and everyone is already loving this cute little boy’s swag.

Danish Taimoor

Cute Ryan Taimoor and Danish Taimoor went for light shades of pink this Eid. The duo exactly knows how to rock summer colors and make a style statement!

Ayaz Samoo

We love how the father-son duo went for the same colored kurtas on Eid. This little one right here takes not only looks but the sense of fashion and style from his father too.

Fahad Mirza

White is everyone’s favorite, right?! Not just Fahad Mirza but the entire family twinned in white this Eid and this could not get any cuter!

Kanwar Arsalan

Simple and elegant, Kanwar Arsalan and his sons all opted for white.

Asim Azhar

So what if he does not have a son? Asim decided to twin with his father this Eid in blue kurtas and this is just so beautiful.


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