Father Who Staged Illness To Call Daughter To Pakistan And Killed Her Passes Away – Update On Samia Shahid’s Case

We are sure that you remember Samia Shahid, the British-born Pakistani woman who was raped and murdered in Pakistan in the name of honour. This is one of those stories that moved the entire social media and with every step new complexities were unveiled. Samia Shahid was married to a friend of her father, Muhammad Shakeel. The couple could not lead a happy life which is why Samia proceeded for a divorce and parted ways.

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She later married Mukhtaz Kazam and was living a very fulfilling and happy marital life. The couple moved from Leeds to Dubai and were settled there. However, Samia didn’t know that her fairytale wedding would not last for long and her own father is helping plan her murder.

Samia’s father, Muhammad Shahid, staged illness and called Samia to Jhelum conveying his condition is critical and he doesn’t have long to live. Few days after reaching Pakistan, she was brutally raped and killed by her ex-husband Muhammad Shakeel. What’s even more shocking and saddening is her own father was involved in planning everything and facilitated it. The murder was later termed as, murder in the name of honour.

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The story gained international recognition as well and was condemned outside Pakistan too. BBC Two was about to air an entire documentary on Samia’s case titled ‘murder for love’. However, the documentary’s release is now facing delay after the ironic death of Samia Shahid’s father. As reported by Daily Mail UK, he died of heart attack.

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Not just was her father involved in killing her but also used all his influence to save his friend and former son-in-law, Shakeel. Samia worked as a beautician in the UK in Ms Naz Shah’s constituency. Ms Shah protested, campaigned and demanded from authorities in Pakistan for autopsy and fair investigation of the case. Samia’s death was initially deliberately painted as a heart attack and was later investigation revealed there was a lot more to it. Samia’s father tried his best to keep the case in Jhelum, but prosecutors successfully transferred is to Lahore high court where the decision is still pending.

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