Father traveling solo with a toddler went viral on social media [PICTURES]

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Take a moment and think about your ideal travel companion. Partner, parent, friend, sibling, and so many others come to mind, but a toddler isn’t someone you usually think of, right?

To everyone’s surprise, a Pakistani dad’s ideal travel companion turned out to be his 23-month-old son. It didn’t always start this way; fate landed him on a four-day trip with his toddler, and the father was delighted with the experience.

Here’s what happened:

Ahsan’s wife had an exam, so she was unable to travel with the family. However, the determined father was keen to travel. Therefore, he planned to tour with his 23-month-old son for four days starting from Karachi.

How was Ahsan’s experience?

Speaking to a media outlet, Ahsan said:

My son is more attached to me, so I thought to give this attachment a try for solo travel. The destinations were Islamabad, Muzaffarabad, Sharda & Bhurban.

He further shared:

My son had the best time in these four days. I had to carry some extra stuff for him, but all for the purpose. He never traveled out of the city, and I had never traveled with a toddler, so it was a learning experience for both of us. He enjoyed all the scenic beauty, river streams, waterfalls and didn’t make me think to review the traveling decision. Green meadows and grazing sheep were the best combos for him. I cooked all his food on my own, from boiling an egg to preparing the frozen items.

Concluding the statement, Ahsan said:

These four days were dedicated to him & I, as a father, loved this decision to spend a happy time with my son.

During the short trip, Ahsan kept clicking pictures of various moments with his son. He updated his social media profile with the pictures, and they instantly went viral! Some people appreciated the dad’s unique solo travel idea, while others just drooled over the adorable father-son photos.

Here are some of the precious viral trip pictures:

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