Fawad Chaudhry: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life always remains in danger

The federal minister revealed this during an interview with SAMAA TV.

Prime Minister Imran Khan. (Saiyna Bashir/Reuters)

The Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry, has revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life often remains in danger.

This was disclosed by the federal minister during an interview with SAMAA TV on Monday.

The Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry, during an interview with SAMAA TV on Monday.

During the interview, the SAMAA TV anchor and Fawad Chaudhry were initially discussing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s bold decision to “absolutely not” allow the US to use its bases for operations in Afghanistan.

After the discussion ended, the anchor questioned Chaudhry: “If a leader takes such a step (of not allowing Americans to use Pakistan’s bases), then his life indeed becomes in danger. Does the premier also faces death threats?”

To this question, Chaudhry replied that whenever a premier is on the streets in Pakistan, his life is always in danger.

He remarked that there are always concerns about the security of the premier. “However, the prime minister does not care much about his security,” Chaudhry added.

Nevertheless, due to continuous advice by people around him to take care of his security, the prime minister has now restricted his movement a lot, Chaudhry remarked.


“Now, the premier does not even go for dinner outside (the home) or attend weddings due to the restriction on his movement,” the federal minister disclosed.

Chaudhry revealed that these necessary steps were taken as “we” (Pakistanis) reside in a ‘special’ environment where these security problems are persistent.

The SAMAA TV anchor also discussed with Chaudhry that many leaders had been removed in the history of Pakistan, and only later was it revealed that the expulsions “were due to conspiracies by so-and-so.”

Chaudhry mentioned that this is a regional problem within Pakistan as “great” leaders often face a danger.

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  • Even if PM does not care about his safety, it is still the job of the state to have an air-tight security detail 24/7.

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