Inside Fayfa Mountains, Saudi Arabia’s Green Heaven

The mountains' road rises above the clouds, with steep slopes are a dream for hikers and adventurers.

The 2,000 meters above sea level, astonishing Fayfa Mountains of Saudi Arabia, are an ideal tourist destination.

The mountains’ road rises above the clouds, with steep slopes that are a dream for hikers and adventurers.

The highest point of the mountains is Al-Absiyya, which is encircled by the valleys of Jawra and  Dhamd from the west and the north.

From that point, tourists can enjoy a stunning view of nearly all the mountains in the area, towering over green spaces and lands, as well as the amazing smell of flowers carried with the breeze.

The land is ideal for planting aromatic plants, cereals, fruits, and grains. The agricultural landscapes on the mountainsides are a beautiful sight. The land of Fayfa is also famous for its coffee. The local farmers follow customary practices passed on from their ancestors, based on the astrological cycle, using the sun’s relative location — and which “house” it is in — to plan the farming and reaping of their crops.

Fayfa mountains

Their cylindrical mountain homes are distinctive, and the residents of the region give each house a unique name, by which the owners of the house are recognized.

Fayfa mountains

Usually, these names have been linked to specific events or just a descriptive term.

Fayfa’s inhabitants also have their own unique accent, which analysts believe originated from ancient Arabic, but was later influenced by the Himyarite language forming a vocabulary that is only used in this area.

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