“Karma is a bitch,” Faysal Qureshi’s daughter shares her experience with Sana Javed

"Feel like exposing some more, but forget it, Karma's a bitch,", she wrote on her Instagram story.

"Karma is a bitch," Faysal Qureshi's daughter shares her experience with Sana Javed

Sana Javed is the hot topic going around at the moment, as more and more people are coming out with allegations against her. The most recent one is Faysal Qureshi’s daughter Hanish Qureshi, who claimed Sana got her replaced from a project.

Hanish expressed support for stylish Wajid Khan after he shared his unpleasant experience with the actress. She went on to say that Sana jeopardized her career.

“Feel like exposing some more, but forget it, Karma’s a bitch,”, Faysal Qureshi’s daughter wrote on her Instagram story.

Faysal Qureshi's daugter on Sana Javed

Stylist Wajid Khan’s allegations

Wajid Khan came forward and shared how working with Sana Javed was like for him. Khan is a popular celebrity stylist and is known for his impeccable work ethic.

In a post, he shared that everyone who has worked with the Khaani star has had negative things to say about her. He said that his brand was assigned as the makeup artist for a project and when he was doing her makeup, he gave her some suggestions for her look.

Upon this, Sana went up to the producers and said that the stylist is backbiting about her.

“I am not comfortable working with him,” she told the producers. He was then asked to leave the project because of her. Khan went on to say that he has worked with bigger names at Miss Universe and IIFA, but has never come across someone so unprofessional.

He even said that if she does not respect fellow artists, then the industry should boycott her, and not work with shallow people.

Many more stylists and models, who worked with Sana Javed, have taken to social media to share their negative experiences with her. On the other hand, Javed responded by saying that people are running a ‘smear campaign’ against her and shared that she has filed defamation cases against these people.

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