FBR to install machines at stores and malls for sale receipts to eliminate risks of tax evasion

FBR’s aim is to develop links at the sale points of big retailers and shopping malls, which are located in big areas.

The FBR has decided to introduce a new set of rules for bringing shopping malls and mega-retailers outlets into registration through the point of sale system. This had been done to deliver a clear message to small traders on the basis of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC).

These machines will be installed at retail stores and shopping malls, they will be connected with the FBR system so, there is no risk of tax evasion. Future plans of FBR include planning of gift scheme for the customers through voting, who will receive computerized receipts of purchases through the installed machines.

FBR’s aim is to develop links at the sale points of big retailers and shopping malls, which are located in big areas. The aim is to target a few thousand mega-retailers, having shops at big, luxurious shopping malls. While taking into account the economic activities, FBR has made the decision to move gradually on CNIC conditions as in the first stage, only the big retailers will be targeted to increase tax collection at retail stages.

“We have forwarded new rules for bringing mega-retailer chains and shopping malls having covered area of 1,000 square yards to Ministry of Law for vetting. It will help to convey our message crystal clear that the FBR is not intended to enforce CNIC condition on small traders,” – the top official of FBR said while talking to The News.

FBR makes unsuccessful efforts to get the desired result:

In the past years, FBR made many unsuccessful efforts to get the desired result, so this time the technology would be used to expand the tax base, by bringing retailers into the tax net.
Further on in his statement, the official stated that FBR couldn’t manage millions of retailers so, the new rules and regulations, that are going to be issued shortly, will give a clear message to the giants.

The retailers of the textile sector will link their point of sale terminal to FBR’s online system. The trials that were run of Electronic Point of Sale integration with FBR have been successful. Within the span of 45 days, more than 50 top retailers in Pakistan will have their point of sale terminal linked to FBR’s new system.

At the moment, FBR’s rule implies on supplies of the finished fabric and locally made-manufactured articles of textile and textile made-ups and leather and artificial leather, as they are made by registered persons, who are combined with Board’s online system, for availing low rates on supplies.

As per the existing rules, sale or supply from notified outlets cannot be made without being recorded by EFD, this means a system containing one SDC and at least one POS connected together. For every transaction, a clear and legible sales tax should be printed by POS. A copy of this will be provided to the customer.


  • I always considered it to be the only solution but wondered how would it be done. Every single grocer should have that register.

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