”I Fell I Love With Imran Khan’s Leadership Skills”- Says Sanjay Manjrekar In His Book

It is usually said by followers that the nation is indebted to Imran Khan for two reasons: number one being invoking political sense and belongingness in youth and second..1992 Cricket World Cup!

Though called as the strongest ‘political’ leader in recent times, Kaptaan’s identity will still somehow be related to cricket. Pakistan, that is affiliated to cricket at a truly spiritual level, will always celebrate Khan as a cricketing hero. But more than that, his caliber and talent are recognized and more than that, appreciated by cricket admirers across the globe as well.
A reputed name in the cricketing world, Sanjay Manjrekar, tells the world a story and recalls an event from 1989 tour to Pakistan in his autobiography ‘Imperfect’.

In the series he played in Pakistan, Manjrekar accumulated 569 runs, at an averag of 94.83. Garnering an important place in the tour, Majrekar writes that it was this time when he ‘fell in love’ with Imran Khan’s leadership skills.
Here is an extract from his autobiography:

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He further added that the way Khan conected with everyone on the team and took them into consideration on and off field is the reason he was able to succesfully lead the team. He said that Khan has unique tactics and methods that ‘made sense’ keeping Pakistani squad in perspective.
Adding to that, he said that Khan perfectly knew everything about his team. He said he could sense that the batsman was losing concentration.
‘’He could sense when a batsman was losing concentration; he would send out messages through substitutes. He could see an event before it happened and avert disasters’’

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