[VIDEO CONTENT] Details about the female lawyer who was kidnapped from her office, tortured for a week

The day she was recovered, the lawyer told the police that she had been kidnapped from her office by unidentified men

A police team has been formed to investigate the kidnapping and week-long torture of a female lawyer, Advocate Irshad Nasreen, who was recovered from Mailsi.

While formally announcing the lawyer’s recovery, the District Police Officer said the special team, comprising the SP, Shamsul Haq, and two deputy superintendents of police, were tasked for arresting the kidnappers.

The police officer noted that an FIR, including charges of kidnapping, was registered by the woman’s son on the 22nd of August.

According to the police, Irshad Nasreen has been shifted to the Dipalpur Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital.

A resident of Dipalpur had earlier told media that Nasreen was recovered in a semi-conscious state from a field in Mailsi. She was found with her legs and hands tied.

The day she was recovered, the lawyer told the police that she had been kidnapped from her office by unidentified men on the 14th of August.

A viral video that followed her recovery showed the lawyer in a traumatized state.

On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan also reportedly took notice of the incident after the Pakistan Bar Council issued a statement condemning incidents of targeted killings, kidnappings, and torture of lawyers.

In an official statement, The Vice-Chairperson of The PCB, Abid Saqi, strongly condemned the incident, saying the increasing lawlessness in Pakistan is extremely concerning. He added, five lawyers, have been shot dead in targeted killing so far, including four in Punjab and one in Sindh.

Abid Saqi added the abduction of the lawyer was extremely worrisome. He added, she was tortured continuously for six days after her abduction.

The official demanded action against those involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, according to reports, Irshad Nasreen was once kidnapped earlier in October 2019 as well.

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