Female Participation In Peacekeeping Operations: Pakistan Fulfills UN Target

The Pakistani envoy further informed the UN Committee that Pakistan was deploying an engagement team consisting of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo in May 2019. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN (United Nations) Maleeha Lodhi revealed that Pakistan has worked to increase the participation of women in UN Peacekeeping Operations, read the Foreign Office (FO) statement.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to UN, Ms Lodhi, speaking to the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, said that Pakistan is proud to achieve this goal which otherwise felt like a difficult task due to the social dynamics and the gender gap.

”Pakistan is proud to have achieved the goal of deployment of 15 per cent female staff officers in its missions” – she said.

Lodhi said that it’s an incredibly commendable achievement that in less than 18 months, Pakistan has gone from zero participation of female military staff in peacekeeping operations to a significant 15% – fulfilling UN prescribed benchmark.

The UN’s Office of Military Affairs decided to double its female deployment in uniform component after the Security Council’s call in 2015. The office set the target of deploying 15% of female military and staff officers in peacekeeping missions by 2018 December. The Pakistan Ambassador to UN also informed the UN committee that Pakistan is working to narrow down the gender gap, Pakistan is deploying an engagement team consisting of women in the Democratic Republic of Kongo in May 2019.

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Ambassador Lodhi added that Pakistan will continue to lend support & keep making efforts for strengthening peacekeeping.

”Our faith in this indispensable tool for the maintenance of international peace and security is firm and abiding” – Ms Lodhi added.

Addressing the committee, she said that the committee needs to play its critical role in norm building and policy formation, enabling peacekeepers to meet the high expectations that they have of them. She said that legitimacy and credibility of UN’s peacekeeping operations is because of its commitment to uphold its principles.

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