Female photographer Izzah Shaheen accuses Irfan Ahson of harassment [SCREENSHOTS]

Here is what happened!

In a shocking turn of events, the Famous Pakistani photographer, Izzah Shaheen Malik, aka Pictroizzah, has accused her colleague and veteran of the industry, Irfan Ahson, of harassing her.

Malik took to Instagram and revealed that ever since she entered the industry, she met with all kinds of people who made her comfortable and those who made her unwelcome. Irfan Ahson belonged to the second category of people.

She posted that when she wanted to pursue the matter in private, not many people supported her, and it made sense because no one would like to be blacklisted by a senior member of the fraternity.

Here is what Izzah posted on her Instagram story:

According to the female photographer, most male photographers sided with Irfan Ahson even though he used inappropriate language for Izzah.

Irfan Ahson

Irfan Ahson

Irfan Ahson

Irfan Ahson has not yet responded to the controversy.

However, several female influencers have shown support to Izzah and lauded her for being brave enough to share such an unpleasant incident.

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  • Sasti shohrat hasil krny ki koshish kr rhi hy yeh larrki hm PWAP waly janty hyn is ko

    • Sasti shohrat ho ya mehngi, ye uss ka problem hai. PWAP waale ek doosre ko jaante hain ya nahi, dunya PWAP walon ko jaan gayi hai.

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