VIDEO: Female Youtuber from interior Punjab, Mukhtiar Bibi, now receiving death threats

'Some people of my village have been continuously threatening my family and me for the last 15 days'- Mukhtiar Bibi


female You tuber death threats

A few days ago, The Female YouTube sensation, Mukhtiar Bibi, uploaded a disturbing video on her channel’ Daily Routine’.

Mukhtiar Bibi started her Channel four months ago. Within a short period, the Channel gained 200k subscribers and has become popular among people.

The content of the Channel features cooking videos, Bibi’s home tour videos, and vlogs that show how people celebrate various festivals in the village.

In her recent video, the You tuber said, “Some people of my village have been continuously threatening my family and me for the last 15 days. They are pressurizing me to sell my Channel to them or to give them some money that I earn from my Channel.”

Bibi requested her viewers to support and help her.

The video, now deleted, was widely shared on social media, after which the Lodhran Police contacted Bibi.

In another video, Mukhtiar Bibi appreciated the police on the quick action they took and for resolving her issue.

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  • Haraami, Badniyaat arse holes( mostly from her own extended family) can’t bare to see any poor person be successful

  • It’s the reality of our land. Most of us have jealousies even for our own family members.

    Unless each one of us does not look inside and fix issues of the heart we will keep seeing this and other forms of oppression.

    The only mistake she did was to reveal her earnings, I guess. She should have known how her own people will become jealous.

    Allah help her and the likes of her and guide each person in our nation to fix our heart issues. Ameen.

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