“Are you finally waking up?”, Actor Feroze Khan attacks Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari over the motorway rape-case

Actor Feroze Khan has taken a swing on Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari. The motorway rape-case has set the entire internet on fire. People are demanding justice for the victim, and begging the government to take action.

Bakhtawar Bhutto and Feroze Khan’s feud

When Bakhtawar Bhutto tweeted about the case, Feroze Khan replied: “Are you finally waking up?”.

Feroze continued that he didn’t consider Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari a suitable politician.

Feroze Khan begs PM Imran Khan to take action

He also urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action against the rapists.

According to the latest reports, the police have revealed the identity of one of the criminals behind the inhumane incident that took place. The rapist, named ‘Abid Ali’, who is a resident of Haroonabad town of Punjab’s Bahawalnagar district has been involved in multiple rape cases before as well. His accomplice is still unidentified and the investigation is still being carried out.

The actor has been heavily involved and taking part in Pakistan’s social issues. Earlier, when Karachi was flooded due to heavy rains, Feroze was quick to speak up, and he also called the government out.

Listen to Feroze Khan talk about Karachi’s flood issues here:

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    • Yes he is dwarf in your view because he have guts to speak to one of the person in front of whom you may not even breath.

    • You don’t need hight to speak up for victims.
      Pakistan people are so used to just standing back watchingwhike victim suffer.
      Good of feroz to speak up for victims

  • This guy has got the guts he is not like other actors jut keep quite and stay in everyone’s good books. If everyone done what he is doing exposing corrupt ppp, pml and telling them we not stupid and dump like Patwaris be there servants and defend them like dogs. Public should have protests when Zardari was made president or Nawaz Sharif panama came out or when NS got bail and left the country.

  • I agree,Imran Khan and our Chief Justice need to do something about it!
    These animals need to be hanged!

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