Feroze Khan Criticized Over His Bizarre Dress – Here Is What He Was Wearing

Feroze Khan has been leading social media news and discussions after he makes an acting comeback in his new drama serial ‘Khaani’ with co-star Sana Javed.
His character and the way he is pulling it off justifies why no one else was trusted with the role. People are all over his look in the drama serial – black shalwar kameez and strong fierce expressions – have become public’s favorite in no time.

Well being the topic of the town can sometimes be too much as people have their eyes on everything you do – we repeat – EVERYTHING.
Recently Feroze Khan was invited as a guest at Shaista Lodhi’s morning show and his outfit choice wasn’t too good in people’s opinion or maybe it disappointed them a little.

He chose a safari suit for his appearance on the show accompanying Team Khaani and people immediately started criticizing him over his dressing choice.
Here are some of the comments on the  Instagram picture he posted after the show:

People started trolling him saying he probably forgot to change his ‘night suit’. The criticism was quite hard and was getting a little offensive before Feroze Khan decided to put an end to it.
He responded to the comments saying that it is a safari suit and ‘not so basic’ for people to get. He then proceeded on saying that whether it looks like a night suit or not, he will wear it again and again!

Well, that was one fitting reply. What do you think?

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